Supporting Registered Managers in Sussex

No one should underestimate the effects of the last couple of years on our industry, but we know that some of the issues faced have been there for a while and were just polarised by the pandemic. In recognition of the work, you do for us all in Sussex, the Sussex Care Associations have designed a framework of support for registered managers working in adult social care.

One to one supervision session

1:1 Reflective & Restorative Supervision Sessions

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to everyone. At this time, in this current context…
Mentor Hub

Registered Manager Mentor Hubs

Who understands what you do better than another social care manager? We are setting up mentor…
Online training

Bespoke Development Opportunities

To be really meaningful, any developments opportunities need to be relevant and accessible. You …
Peer support

Sector Relevant Resources

The number and variety of wellbeing resources can feel overwhelming – for that reason, we have c…
West Sussex Partners in Care
Sussex Health and Care Partners

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